About This Project


The guitar made by Gaetano Vinaccia is part of the collection Mittelmoselmusem in Traben-Trarbach.



The guitar is in a very fragile condition. Many parts of the back, sides, top and neck are loose. Parts of the back and side decorations are missing. Several cracks on the top and back including worm damage complete the fragile state of the guitar. The guitar, especially the top, is very dirty. Many parts inside are no longer firmly glued and rattle.

The aim of the restoration is an active preservation of the state of use. All loose parts should be fixed, missing parts should be added and cracks should be closed. The guitar should be cleaned and lightly polished with shellac, the top protected with hard wax. Low tension and not playable strings made of gut should make the instrument organologically understandable.

download the restoration documentation: