Philipp Neumann is a stroke of luck for the guitar scene. He is not only one of the most innovative guitar makers of our time, whose results are electrifying – but he is also to great extent focused on the art of guitar making of long gone periods and the lovingly, conscientious restoration of old master instruments based on up-to-date scientific methods. As I have already said: a stroke of luck.” Sigi Schwab

About Me

Since I started my own business in 2004, I have repeatedly refined the design, the construction and thus the sound from guitar to guitar. The sound top is now supported by fine cedar strips inlaid in the wood, similar to the veins of a leaf. This integrated support structure stiffens the top without additional weight and distributes the sound waves evenly over the entire surface. The result is a highly sensitive top that optimally amplifies even the smallest vibration of the strings. The invention of an integrated armrest with binding and the use of precious stones for the soundhole decoration are also special in the classical guitar world.

Each of my guitars is the result of an intensive building process in which I use all my knowledge and experience to work with the carefully selected wood in order to create an instrument that meets my highest standards. I build maximum two guitars at the same time so I can still see and influence the smallest detail. The materials are significantly involved in the sound – that’s why I only use long-stored tonewoods of the best quality and no prefabricated components at all. Only when the guitar meets all my criteria of an open sound with full bass, velvety mids and brilliant trebles, when it has a richness of modulatable timbres and a singing sound with long sustain and quick response, the woodwork is finished – the guitar can now be french polished with shellac.

The basis of my work is the Spanish guitar building tradition from Granada with its harmonious craftsmanship techniques that have grown over time. The analysis of historical guitars also influences the development of my own guitars to a large extent. Since I graduated as a restorer in 2011, I have been able to restore many concert guitars from well-known instrument makers, including Hauser I and II, Esteso, Simplicio, Weissgerber, Lacote, Panormo, Vissenaire, Otto. A highlight of my musicological work is the publication of the Leipzig Guitar Catalog 2016, for which I examined and described in detail all the historical guitars in the Leipzig Musical Instrument Museum.


Whilst I am very traditional, I am also open to experiments. I try to combine traditional instrument building skills with modern methods, my ideas and the wishes of the musicians in my instruments harmoniously. After 100 guitars I can now say slowly to have found my interpretation of a “perfect” concert guitar. However, I start every new guitar with the goal of building my best guitar again, this is why the development continues…

Curriculum Vitae

2021 Organisation of a new concert series for acoustic guitar in Antwerpen

2019 new atelier in Antwerp

2018-20 Participation in the art exhibition „OPEN ATELIERS“ in Antwerp

2017 -2019 Organisation of the concert series „Verbertconcert“ in Schoten

2016 Publication : authors: Andreas Michel und Philipp Neumann

Gitarren, 17.- bis 19. Jahrhundert, Museum für Musikinstrumente der Universität Leipzig, ISBN 3-9804574-8-4

2013 Founding of the Leipziger Gitarrenclub e.V.

2012 Guest lectures at musical conservatory in Antwerp and Linz

2011 Graduation: Diplom-Restaurator an der HTW Berlin

2007 Design prize from the federal state of Saxony, Germany

Prize and distinction from the Ad rem youth jury

2006 -2018 Lecturer in restoration andguitar making in Markneukirchen

2004- 2005 Teacher at the Musical Instruments Academy in Moss, Norway

2004 Talent prize for technology from the Munich International Fair

2004-2019 atelier in Leipzig

2003 Master of Letters from the Chamber of Crafts, Chemnitz, Germany

1999-2003 Diplom-Designer for musical instruments

Studies in applied art / construction of musical instruments

Practical with Rolf Eichinger in Granada, Spain

Course in guitar building with Paco Santiago Marin in Cordoba, Spain

Prize for the best final mark of the year

1998-1999 Practical with the guitar maker Stefan Schlemper in Worpswede, Germany

1995-1998 Carpenter’s apprenticeship in Mainz, Germany; practical in Dijon, France